Drywall Lift for Walls

HangPro Lift


The HangPro Drywall Lift for Walls is made for hanging drywall or panels on WALLS (twice as much drywall is hung on walls as on ceilings yet there is no product that exclusively works on walls). 

This tool is multifunctional, allows one person to do four tasks; transport, lift, adjust and hold a panel. It can be used for any panel shaped material including OSB, plywood, siding, etc. Increases safety and reduces injuries because the panel does not need to be transported, lifted or held manually. 

Easy to use, moves like a hand truck but with ability to move side to side also designed to hang both upper and lower panels on walls. For decades, drywall installers have craved a mechanical device to facilitate the installation of drywall panels directly upon walls. That device is now available from HTM Innovations and is the patented HangPro Drywall Lift for Walls.

 It is the only device on the market that is specifically designed to Transport, Lift and Hold a panel on a wall. Note: The HangPro Drywall Lift for Walls is designed for wall heights up to 10 feet high. The HangPro Drywall Lift is Not a Ceiling Lift. The HangPro lift was built by a real end user who was looking to fill the need for a wall lift. 

The HangPro is Built for the Professional. The HangPro Lift’s quality, engineering, safety, and usability is unmatched. 

A Ceiling Lift is Not a Wall Lift. Anyone who uses a ceiling lift to hang walls is doing so out of desperation as there has been no solution on the market.