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 by Priscilla DeLuna

I'm very happy with my hangpro drywall lift. It works great and makes the job I am working on very easy to perform alone. Especially for us short people of 5' something inches. it's a BIg Big help. Thank you.

 by Dwight Fryseth

Lift worked great. It makes hanging drywall an easy and safe one man operation as advertised. Money well spent.

 by Rajua

as a pro or DIY makes drywall easy

 by Gabe Sattler

I have used lift many times already. Great tool. I am in need of a solid back for lift and a little more width support would be great.

I have used it to install sheetrock, slattwall, and I have also used it to lift and hold commercial steel doors into jamb to install hinges. Works great

G Sattler

 by Fred Widlund

Bought this about 11 months ago. It is so useful it's unbelievable. Definitely came in handy after shoulder surgery. 5 stars!

 by Todd Stevens

Had my help quit by text had to finish hanging basement walls. They shipped quickly it worked great and never complained what an asset. Fits nicely in small rooms.

 by Steve Reed

Well worth the money. I can get a job done without depending on someone else to help hold a board in place. I was able to hang 12 ft. boards alone with ease. No more yelling at someone to hold up their end of the board. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to work alone so they can keep all the profits. Its a back saver. It also works great to lift heavy 5/8" boards on to a ceiling lift. I only wish I had one years ago.

 by Kathryn Waters

Both the instructions that come with the lift and the video make assembly easy. The lift works exactly as shown in the demonstration video. In my case, one woman 140 pounds and 67 years old was able to install 12 feet of sheet rock up to a 10 foot ceiling. Two important points. First, make sure the sheet rock is centered on the lift. This will ensure that it is level when you get it in place. Second, I recommend starting with a small piece of sheet rock to practice control of the lift. A fantastic piece of DIY equipment. Thank you for bringing it to market.

 by Alex Brownell

The students in the Residential Construction program at SUNY Delhi really enjoy using the HangPro Drywall Lift on our field projects. Our lift was donated and Myron came to campus to show us how to use it. He expressed the importance for students to work efficiently and the lift does a great job improving efficiency. Additionally, the lift is well made and versatile. The lift fits through door openings and wheels in two directions, making it easy to move around and hang large sheets with a single user. Overall, great lift and we are impressed!

SUNY Delhi
Residential Construction

 by Michael Saffold

This is one of the best tools for hanging drywall and other sheet goods on the wall well worth the money

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