Lift for Hanging Panels on WALLS

1 Tool 1 Person
4 Functions Transport Lift Adjust Hold

For decades, drywall installers have craved a mechanical device to facilitate the installation of drywall panels directly upon walls.

That device is now available from HTM Innovations and is the patented HangPro Drywall Lift for Walls.

It is the only device on the market that is specifically designed to Transport, Lift, Adjust and Hold a panel on a wall.

The number one grievance of drywall installers is the immensity of lifting, carrying and hanging heavy drywall panels. Each panel can weigh between 55 to 110+ pounds and working with these heavy panels throughout the day increases the possibility of a serious injury. The HangPro Drywall Lift for Walls eliminates these strenuous and dangerous tasks by incorporating an L-shaped hand truck design with a unique single column.

On a typical job site the operator will use the HangPro Drywall Lift for Walls to transport drywall panels from the storage location to the wall site. To load the lift, the operator will push the lift like a hand truck to the center of the stacked drywall then walk to one end of the panel and raise the edge of the panel about six inches. The operator then shifts the panel onto the cradle ledge. This is the most lifting the operator will do! To transport the panel the operator tilts the lift back so it is resting on the large rear wheels and can be pushed in a hand truck fashion. To transport through a door opening or hallway, the lift needs to be tilted forward until it is resting on the casters located at the front of the lift.

At the wall site, the operator positions the HangPro Drywall Lift for Walls close to and parallel with the wall studs. The operator then tilts the lift forward onto the wall studs so it is resting on the front casters. The operator then cranks the winch which lifts the panel to the proper height. The auto locking winch holds the panel securely in place. The lift can be moved side to side on the casters to precisely position the panel. Once the top edge of the panel is secured, the cradle can be cranked down and the lift removed so the remaining fasteners can be installed. The bigger the panels the less taping and mudding that has to be done.

Note: The HangPro Drywall Lift for Walls is designed for wall heights not to exceed 10 feet. The main frame has a safety stop to prevent the accidental elevation of the carriage beyond the safety height limit of the column.

The HangPro Drywall Lift for Walls can handle drywall, wallboard, gypsum, plywood, OSB, siding, etc.

The HangPro Drywall Lift for Walls can be folded in half for easier transportation.

What gives the HangPro Drywall Lift for Walls value?


  • Not an improvement of an existing product but brand new and patented to the market. A new solution to an old problem.

  • A new product made for hanging drywall or panels on WALLS. (twice as much drywall is hung on walls as on ceilings yet there is no product that exclusively works on walls)

  • A product that is multifunctional, allows one person to do 4 tasks; transport, lift, adjust and hold a panel

  • Can be used for any panel shaped material including OSB, plywood, siding, etc.

  • Increases safety and reduces injuries because panel does not need to be transported, lifted or held manually

  • Easy to use, moves like a hand truck. DIY or Contractor can easily operate

  • Can hang both upper and lower panels

  • Allows smaller less physical operators to transport, lift and hold panels by themselves

  • Optional adaptions coming soon to make the lift even more versatile


  • Contractor Grade Heavy Gauge Steel

  • Powder Coated

  • Large Rubber Tires and Durable Casters

  • Heavy Duty Auto Locking Winch

  • Easily Folded in Half for Transport

  • Attractive and Heavy Duty Packaging


  • Allows a single operator to hang drywall alone

  • Using the HangPro Drywall Lift for Walls increases production because larger panels can be hung and the work is less strenuous

  • Hang more drywall with less laborers

  • Easily handles large panels or sheets of drywall

  • Extensively field tested on a wide variety drywall projects


  • Ledge of cradle is angled so panel stays securely on lift

  • Two handles for safer transporting and lifting

  • Secondary handle can be positioned for left or right handed operator

  • Casters only move side to side so lift cannot kick back when lifting or hanging panel

  • Built in stop so panel cannot be raised beyond a safe height

  • Safety and operating stickers on lift to remind operator how to safely operate the lift


  • Allows one person to transport, lift, adjust and hold drywall or panel

  • Ease of lowering panels and side to side movement allows for easy adjustments

  • which is often necessary when hanging panels on walls

  • Operator rocks the panel slightly to load the panel onto the lift

  • Reduces injuries and exhaustion due to no dragging, lifting, adjusting or holding heavy panels

  • Always ready to work, it won’t be late to work, on it’s cell phone or needing a break